About Visa Migration Services Australia


Choosing a registered migration agent is a great step for a visa application or immigration assistance. Many of our clients have found out that a registered migration agent can greatly help with getting a temporary visa or permanent visa to Australia. Visa Migration Services Australia have helped many clients and are pleased that many of them send us a thank you email or letter about our services. 

"My wife and I didn’t know what options there were so when we got your report it told us what we could do and we were really surprised. We had no idea our present roles would not help us but Alaya’s previous role as a teacher made us eligible. You did a great job, you explored every detail and possible opportunity. We were in the right hands. - Paul C, 2015 (Paul and his wife commissioned Visa Migration Services Australia to produce a personalised VMSA Migration Report. On the advice in the report they are due to lodge a visa midway through 2016)"

"Throughout the process, Shaun has given my partner and I the right advise and guidelines on how to put together our application. The guidelines from the immigration can sometimes be confusing, but Shaun clarified any questions we may have had and gave us very clear instructions on what documents to provide, what information to include in our statutory declarations and precise information about the next steps of the process. Shaun is a very knowledgable, organised and pro-active migration agent. We couldn't have done it without his professional help and thorough approach. I highly recommend his services!" - Laura L, 2012.

“When we met you to discuss my sister's case we were very impressed with your conduct and depth of knowledge, your capability and honesty. You then prepared the most foolproof appeal and proved to them that the Department of Immigration had indeed made an error in their decision. Thank you for spending your own time preparing my sister for her interview with the migration tribunal. I'm delighted the case has been successfully decided in my sister Escarlen favour. Even though her case was somewhat complicated, you gave us the best professional guidance and now in less than 3 months my sister and her daughter Camila will be permanent resident of Australia without going through any more stress after 6 years of wait. We definitely and highly recommend your services to others because of the benefit of your expertise and knowledge and our satisfaction with your amazing service.” - Ruby T, 2016.

“Liliana is very happy and so am I. She’s just got here on her partner visa. We both did our application together but just before a friend told us to see you and check it and doing this was smart. I suspected there were problems and you found them and advised what had to be done. If we didn’t almost a year of our lives would have been spent apart and several thousand dollars wasted. Very happy with your advice and service … I’d recommend you to anyone I know.” - David A, 2015

“I’d hired an immigration agent to help with the nomination for my worker for my cladding company but it wasn’t working and when we met at the trade show I felt good about what you could offer. Sponsoring is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be but you made it easy even though we still had to supply lots and lots of company documents – and I mean lots! The nomination was approved and now Robert can continue to work for my company. Well done and thank you.”  - Alberts R, 2015