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Tightening of employment terms for Working Holiday Visas


The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) (subclass 417) allows eligible migrants to holiday, study and work in Australia for a period of up to 1 year.  

The WHV is a great temporary migration opportunity for young people to explore Australia.  

Visa holders can first hold a WHV for a period of six months and then apply for a second WHV for a further six months, however the visa application for the second WHV will only be considered if certain conditions are met in that the visa holder must have worked for three of the six month period of the first WHV in either the agricultural, construction or mining sectors.  

The rules concerning the WHV migration program are being tightened to ensure that employers are not exploiting Working Holiday Visa holders.  

In August earlier this year it became mandatory for applicants of a second WHV to supply payslips as evidence that the visa applicant was being paid appropriately.  

From December 1st it will not be enough to prove that a WHV worker is being paid 'appropriately' but that they are being paid at the award rate relevant for that occupation/industry and are employed fulltime for a period of equivalent to 88 days. 

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