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457 Applications and Approvals down


Over the past year it's been obvious to registered migration agents (RMA) that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection DIBP has taken a hard stance when it comes to the 457 - Temporary Work visa programme. 

Indeed, DIBP has applied increased scrutiny when it assesses if a position that has been nominated is 'genuine'. The 'genuine' criteria spans many areas of assessment including how the position will benefit the business to whether or not the position has been created solely to get an overseas position into the country.

It's also been recognised by RMAs that DIBP has refused nominations and visas for strange and often incomprehensible reasons; and statistics bear this out. 

Don Fairweather, a training specialist, reports that as of March 31st this year the size of the subclass 457 programme has decreased when compared with the same time in 2015:

  • Primary applications lodged 40,100 - down 1.9%
  • Primary applications granted 33,340 - down 12.6%
  • Primary visa holders in Australia 97,770 - down 9.2%

A 12.6% decrease in visa grants is a significant amount. Many RMAs are of the opinion that there is an agenda within DIBP to apply stronger assessment criteria to increase nomination and visa refusals. Whether this is true cannot be proven, however the often bewildering reasons for refusals certainly justify some suspicion. 

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