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Generally tourist visas are a straightforward application and Visa Migration Services Australia often advises clients to save money and make the application themselves. There are however circumstances that warrant a tourist visa application being professionally case-managed. 

Such circumstances can include a tourist originating from a country under economic, political or similar pressures - DIBP heavily scrutinises such applicants and often will not grant a visa to people from these countries. Other examples are when a person has lodged a partner visa and wishes to then travel to Australia, another situation when DIBP can reject a visa application. 

The issue which results in most tourist visa applications being rejected is that of the applicant being a "genuine tourist". The visa applicant must prove this to DIBP and do so by providing the certain kind of documents in a certain way. Professional case management greatly assists in getting the application prepared in the way DIBP will accept.

Visa Migration Services Australia can assist with the following visas:

600 - Tourist

 The 600 - Tourist visa has four streams:

  • Tourist
  • Business Visitor
  • Sponsored Family
  • Approved Destination Status

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