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Visa Migration Services Australia can assist in all types of temporary work visa application for the following visas:

400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity)

Up to 6 weeks (although can be 3 months). Enables non-permanent, specialised work, event participation (cultural or social activities) if invited by Australian organization.

401 Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)

Temporary work for a limit of two years or until nominated period of sponsorship ceases. Covers four streams:

  • Exchange
  • Sport
  • Religious
  • Domestic Worker (Executive)

402 Training and Research

Enables sponsorship of applicants to participate in occupational training, research or professional development activities. Multiple entry visa. Not a work visa. Three streams:

  • Occupational Trainee
  • Research
  • Professional Development

417 Working Holiday

Applicant between 18-30 and can work for six months (with one employer) or study for four throughout the period of 12 months whilst holidaying. Multiple entry.

420 Temporary Work (Entertainment)

Enables performers and behind the scenes workers to work in the entertainment industry in film, TV, radio, concerts, live productions.

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Temporary work news and updates

Changes to declaration forms for 457 and ENS/RSMS 

04-Nov-2016 -  Since changes to the 457 program came into effect in November 2015 there has been confusion relating to declarations made by sponsors and visa applicants. When a new 457 visa application and nomination .. read more

Changes to 8107 – 457 holders' time to remain in Australia reduced.  

03-Nov-2016 -  The time-period within which a person can remain in Australia after ceasing employment with their nominating sponsor and subsequently find new sponsorship has been reduced from 90 days to 60 days. Failure t.. read more

New Temporary Work Visas 

21-Sep-2016 -  Following the Skilled Migration and Temporary Activity Review undertaken by the Department in December 2014, it has been announced that a new Temporary Activity Visa framework will come onto effect on 19 No.. read more

457 Applications and Approvals down 

31-Aug-2016 -  Over the past year it's been obvious to registered migration agents (RMA) that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection DIBP has taken a hard stance when it comes to the 457 - Temporary Work visa.. read more

457 Changes – Non-Discriminatory Work Practices 

21-Apr-2016 -  Standard Business Sponsors who are nominating an overseas worker on a 457 temporary work visa must now declare the sponsor will not engage in non-discriminatory recruitment practices during the act of recru.. read more

Where the future jobs will be 

05-Apr-2016 -  An article in today’s The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) provides some insight into Australian occupation trends and their impact on the Skilled Occupations List and Skilled Consolidated Occupations List.. read more

Declarations Deadlines for ENS-RSMS Applications 

08-Feb-2016 -  Permanent employment sponsorship under the ENS/RSMS framework require declarations from both the sponsoring employer and visa applicant that visa sponsorship has not resulted in a 'benefit' to the sponsorin.. read more

VETASSESS no longer requires certified documentation  

01-Dec-2015 -  Skills assessments play a big part in the Australian skilled migration program. A skills assessment evaluates a potential migrant's skills, qualifications and experience to determine if the visa applicant c.. read more

Tightening of employment terms for Working Holiday Visas  

24-Nov-2015 -  The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) (subclass 417) allows eligible migrants to holiday, study and work in Australia for a period of up to 1 year. The WHV is a great temporary migration opportunity for youn.. read more

MA Reports future IT skills shortages 

17-Nov-2015 -  Migration Alliance (MA) reports that Australian technology companies may move operations offshore if immigration rules are not made more flexible. (The following article is extracted from the Migration Alli.. read more

Shortage of skilled workers in Western Sydney  

12-Oct-2015 -  Key findings in a report titled The Greater Western Sydney Skills Barometer has found that the Western Sydney region will require a concerted response to skills shortage in key areas of employment such as b.. read more

Payment for visas - penalties soon to apply  

28-Sep-2015 -  Legislation to impose heavy fines on employers, third parties and visa applicants/holders was introduced to Federal Parliament on September 16th 2015, however it may result in unfair consequences for visa h.. read more