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Overall, applications for student visas are straightforward and as such Visa Migration Services Australia advises visa applicants to either lodge the application themselves or seek assistance from the relevant education institution. However there are instances when an application should have professional case management. Visa Migration Services Australia case manages the following student visas:

570 Independent ELICOS Sector

Temporary. For students looking to study only English within a legislatively established course type (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)).

571 Schools Sector

Temporary. For students attending primary, secondary (junior and senior) or an approved secondary schools exchange program. Includes non-traditional schools (CRICOS entries determine course status), International Baccalaureate (IB) and secondary schools exchange programs.

572 Vocational Education and Training Sector

For study of a course leading to the award of a Certificate I, II, III, and IV, VET Diploma, VET Advanced Diploma, or Advanced Certificate.

573 Higher Education Sector

For study in a course to award a higher education (HE) diploma, HE advanced diploma, an associate degree, bachelors degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters by coursework.

574 Postgraduate Research Sector

For study in a course leading to the award of a masters degree by research, or a doctoral degree.

575 Non-Award Sector

For study of non-award course (ie does not lead to a degree, diploma or other formal award) and is not an ELICOS.

580 Student Guardian

Allows school-aged student to have appropriate care from one guardian whom is family or related and over 21.

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Student visa news and updates

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Labour proposes 'Start Up Year' visa scheme to attract student graduate entrepreneurs 

07-Oct-2015 -  The federal Labour opposition has proposed a visa program to offer 2,000 international students a visa to stay in Australia for a further year after they have graduated from university if they have a credib.. read more