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Ministerial Intervention is an avenue of appeal for people who have exhausted all other possible avenues of visa application and appeals – for example a visa application was refused, the Migration Review Tribunal agreed with the decision and perhaps so did a court of law. These are the type of circumstances under which Ministerial Intervention can be considered. 

Generally, a person makes an appeal to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to personally intervene and grant that person permanent residency. 

It is to be considered only under specific circumstances – if these circumstances don’t exist then the office of the Minister will reject the appeal.

Generally, these circumstances relate to how the Minister’s decision will impact on an Australian citizen/s or permanent resident/s.

If a decision to not grant a visa to a person will result in an Australian citizen or permanent resident suffering adverse consequences then the Minister may be more likely to grant the visa. 

Visa Migration Services Australia have encountered instances where clients have undertaken the process themselves only for it to fail. Upon review by us there were matters that should have been better explained to the Minister and which could have influenced the decision. 

Ministerial Intervention is a complex and detailed matter. Visa Migration Services Australia can assist anyone considering Ministerial Intervention. 

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