Visas & Immigration Services

Immigration Advice and Case Management for Individuals

Visa Migration Services Australia offers professional case management and immigration advice to clients in Australia and overseas.

Our services are founded on the following premises:

  1. It is crucial to understand the client - their needs, goals, concerns, plans - indeed all relevant circumstances.
  2. It is crucial to understand how Australian immigration law applies to each client. 
  3. It is crucial that when a suitable immigration solution is found it establishes in detail what must be done, when and how and that the client is fully aware of this. 
  4. Visa Migration Services Australia applies a set of core principles to each client engagement:
  5. Be open, up-front and honest about a client's prospects. 
  6. Be open up-front, honest and transparent about costs. 
  7. Be ethical. Both in the way we conduct ourselves and how we treat our clients. 
  8. Be up-to-date and expert in all matters of Australian immigration law.  
  9. Apply meticulous planning and consider in detail all aspects of our clients' case. 
  10. Apply first-class processes to assess a client's prospects and to professionally case-manage our clients. 
  11. Understand that immigration matters affect a client's life. We won't treat your case merely as a project, but will always consider for what it is - an event that could change the life of you, your family and could affect your employer. Knowing that futures are at stake we therefore give each client the respect they and and their case deserves.
  12. Respond to client queries and communications as quickly as possible. 
  13. Keep clients informed at every step of the way about what is happening. 

Professional immigration advice and case-management involves the following:

  1. Detailed client analysis.
  2. Detailed analysis of the law and how it applies to the client. 
  3. Preparation of advice, or
  4. Preparation of a client's application. This involves ensuring all documents and information are prepared properly and all points of information are supplied to DIBP. Each visa application must supply information and documents in a certain way. We ensure this happens. 
  5. Liaise with DIBP once the application is submitted. 
  6. Communicate with the client if any extra information is needed and supply timelines for what needs to be done.