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An appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) allows applications who have had a visa or sponsorship application refused to have the decision reviewed by the independent tribunal AAT.

Previously the role of the reviews were handled by two separate review bodies, the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT). These two Tribunals are no longer and have been merged within the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). 

The role of the AAT is very specific: if a visa application has been refused by a Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Case Officer for an Australian visa lodged onshore. the visa applicant can lodge an application with the AAT and request that the decision be reviewed. 

The AAT will then assesses the decision of the Case Officer to determine whether or not the case officer made a mistake by not granting the visa. If the AAT determines that the decision made by the case officer was correct then the decision remains, however if the AAT determines that the case officer made an error by not granting the visa the AAT can either substitute a new decision or send the application back to DIBP for a case officer to review the case and grant the visa. 

Appearing before either the AAT is a daunting and complex exercise. Visa Migration Services Australia offers professional case-management to ensure that the documentation and relevant information is prepared for the best possible outcome. 

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New Forms for MRT and RRT 

22-Sep-2015 -  Persons seeking to lodge appeals with the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) (/Our-Immigration-Services/appeals-at-the-aat) are to now use newly revised forms if the applic.. read more