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The common sponsorship options for Australian employers seeking to recruit migrant labour are sponsorship under employer nominated visas (186 - ENS/187 - RSMS) or the 457 - Temporary Work visa. 

The requirements for business sponsorship are numerous and employers can be overwhelmed by the effort. Visa Migration Services Australia removes the burden and stress with its professional case-management of employer sponsorship.

Some of the matters that need to be addressed are to prove that the need for the position is genuine, efforts have been made to recruit local labour to fill the position, the terms and conditions will be the same as offered to Australian citizens or permanent residents performing the same role in the workplace or workforce, the pay rate is acceptable, the business spends an appropriate amount of money training its employees. 

It appears straightforward, however as is the case with many immigration matters the certain types of information must be supplied in a certain way. This is very important and Visa Migration Services Australia have makes this process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. 

Employer sponsorship news and updates

457 Changes – Non-Discriminatory Work Practices 

21-Apr-2016 -  Standard Business Sponsors who are nominating an overseas worker on a 457 temporary work visa must now declare the sponsor will not engage in non-discriminatory recruitment practices during the act of recru.. read more

Using Business Plans Services for Work Visas is now a risk. 

14-Apr-2016 -  DIBP has recently informed migration agents that the use of companies which supply business plans and ‘genuine need for position’ reports can negatively affect an application for sponsored work .. read more

Where the future jobs will be 

05-Apr-2016 -  An article in today’s The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) provides some insight into Australian occupation trends and their impact on the Skilled Occupations List and Skilled Consolidated Occupations List.. read more

Declarations Deadlines for ENS-RSMS Applications 

08-Feb-2016 -  Permanent employment sponsorship under the ENS/RSMS framework require declarations from both the sponsoring employer and visa applicant that visa sponsorship has not resulted in a 'benefit' to the sponsorin.. read more

Shortage of skilled workers in Western Sydney  

12-Oct-2015 -  Key findings in a report titled The Greater Western Sydney Skills Barometer has found that the Western Sydney region will require a concerted response to skills shortage in key areas of employment such as b.. read more

Payment for visas - penalties soon to apply  

28-Sep-2015 -  Legislation to impose heavy fines on employers, third parties and visa applicants/holders was introduced to Federal Parliament on September 16th 2015, however it may result in unfair consequences for visa h.. read more