Australian Visa & Immigration News

Australian visas and immigration law changes constantly, as does the way the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) assess visas. The Visa Migration Services Australia news page is a great way of learning how changes affect you if you are wanting to migrate to Australia. 

SAF introduced July 1? Businesses should be prepared 

14-Jun-2018 -  Any business looking to sponsor a worker/s needs to act fast to avoid paying additional costs. The Skilled Australia Fund (SAF) is a new scheme under Australian migration law to replace the previou.. read more

DoHA to increase VAC surcharge 

08-Jun-2018 -  The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) has announced that the credit/debit surcharge cost to process a Visa Application Charge (VAC) will increase from .98% to %1.23. The cost of a Visa Subclass 820/801 .. read more

ACT GSM program closes for overseas applicants 

25-Aug-2017 -  The ACT Migration Program under the General Skilled Migration (/Our-Immigration-Services/general-skilled-migration) framework (Visa Subclasses 189 - Skilled Independent and 190 - Skilled Nominated) has been.. read more

WA to resume some RSMS Nominations 

29-Mar-2017 -  This month Skilled Migration Western Australia announced that all nominations under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme for the Visa Subclass 489 - Skilled - Regional (Provisional) under the General Sk.. read more

DIBP updates to processing times 

16-Mar-2017 -  A new web page with updates to application processing time has been published by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). read more

Western Australia Skilled Migration Program to Cease 

15-Mar-2017 - Skilled Migration Western Australia has announced: New applications to certify positions under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) will cease. A review of the State Nominated Migration Program a.. read more

50 year wait time for remaining relative and aged dependents 

14-Mar-2017 -  The processing time for Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative visas is currently estimated for 50 years for visa applications lodged from 2014 onwards. This effectively rules out any applicati.. read more

Victoria Closes Skilled Visa Applications for ICT Occupations 

09-Nov-2016 -  Due to a large volume of skilled visa nomination applications received, applications for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) occupations will not be accepted from 11 November 2016 to 6 March 201.. read more

Changes to declaration forms for 457 and ENS/RSMS 

04-Nov-2016 -  Since changes to the 457 program came into effect in November 2015 there has been confusion relating to declarations made by sponsors and visa applicants. When a new 457 visa application and nomination .. read more

Partner visa taking a long time to process? Get new documents! 

04-Nov-2016 -  The processing time for partner visa applications for low risk countries is approximately 6 months and high risk 8-12 months. However processing times for partner visas are presently taking a long time. Ind.. read more

Changes to 8107 – 457 holders' time to remain in Australia reduced.  

03-Nov-2016 -  The time-period within which a person can remain in Australia after ceasing employment with their nominating sponsor and subsequently find new sponsorship has been reduced from 90 days to 60 days. Failure t.. read more

New Temporary Work Visas 

21-Sep-2016 -  Following the Skilled Migration and Temporary Activity Review undertaken by the Department in December 2014, it has been announced that a new Temporary Activity Visa framework will come onto effect on 19 No.. read more

457 Applications and Approvals down 

31-Aug-2016 -  Over the past year it's been obvious to registered migration agents (RMA) that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection DIBP has taken a hard stance when it comes to the 457 - Temporary Work visa.. read more

Long Processing Delays for Partner Visas 

22-Aug-2016 -  The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is telling Registered Migration Agents that "due to a high volume of cases, we currently have a backlog of applications. As a result, we are curren.. read more

Australia's skilled migrants - job outcomes improve but many skills still wasted 

26-Jul-2016 -  Many Australians have met migrants working in occupations far below their skills level: the dentist working as a cleaner; the former university lecturer driving a taxi. But the tide appears to be turni.. read more

457 Changes – Non-Discriminatory Work Practices 

21-Apr-2016 -  Standard Business Sponsors who are nominating an overseas worker on a 457 temporary work visa must now declare the sponsor will not engage in non-discriminatory recruitment practices during the act of recru.. read more

Using Business Plans Services for Work Visas is now a risk. 

14-Apr-2016 -  DIBP has recently informed migration agents that the use of companies which supply business plans and ‘genuine need for position’ reports can negatively affect an application for sponsored work .. read more

Where the future jobs will be 

05-Apr-2016 -  An article in today’s The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) provides some insight into Australian occupation trends and their impact on the Skilled Occupations List and Skilled Consolidated Occupations List.. read more

Student visa refusals for Indian students on the rise 

04-Apr-2016 -  Student visa applicants lodging their applications within India are receiving stricter than normal assessments from the local Indian DIBP Case Officers leading to high rate of refusals. A migration age.. read more

South Australia to refuse certain GSM applications.  

31-Mar-2016 -  Applications seeking nomination under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program for visas 190 - Skilled Nominated and 489 Skilled - Regional (Provisional) should be aware that missing information will res.. read more

Student visa cancellations on the rise 

31-Mar-2016 -  Student visa cancellations could double this year say Migration Alliance ( read more

Visa grants for Special Investor Visas continue to slow 

31-Mar-2016 -  It was predicted that widespread changes to the business innovation and investment visa program in 2015 would result in a drop in visa applications and grants. Under the program, which came into effec.. read more

ACT closes visa 190 nominations for overseas residents 

21-Mar-2016 -  On March 18th all applications for nominations from the ACT government under visa subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) will no longer be accepted from overseas residents. Due to a high volume of applicatio.. read more

Declarations Deadlines for ENS-RSMS Applications 

08-Feb-2016 -  Permanent employment sponsorship under the ENS/RSMS framework require declarations from both the sponsoring employer and visa applicant that visa sponsorship has not resulted in a 'benefit' to the sponsorin.. read more

VETASSESS no longer requires certified documentation  

01-Dec-2015 -  Skills assessments play a big part in the Australian skilled migration program. A skills assessment evaluates a potential migrant's skills, qualifications and experience to determine if the visa applicant c.. read more

Visa numbers for certain relative visas announced 

27-Nov-2015 -  Visa allocation numbers for certain relative visas have been released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the 2015-2016 financial year 520 visas allocated for the following visas.. read more

Changes to 457 Applications from Dec 1 

24-Nov-2015 -  Four changes were introduced to parliament on November 23rd which come into effect on December 1st. Two of the changes won't affect the majority of visa applicants under the 457 visa program (firstly t.. read more

Tightening of employment terms for Working Holiday Visas  

24-Nov-2015 -  The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) (subclass 417) allows eligible migrants to holiday, study and work in Australia for a period of up to 1 year. The WHV is a great temporary migration opportunity for youn.. read more

MA Reports future IT skills shortages 

17-Nov-2015 -  Migration Alliance (MA) reports that Australian technology companies may move operations offshore if immigration rules are not made more flexible. (The following article is extracted from the Migration Alli.. read more

SIV Applications on the decline 

12-Nov-2015 -  Changes made to the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program and implemented from July onwards have resulted in a decline in application numbers as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald ( read more

High Court challenge to Cap & Cease 

12-Oct-2015 -  Are you affected by the decision to cap and cease Subclass 175 Skilled – Independent visa, the Subclass 176 Skilled – Sponsored visa and the 475 Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa? VMS.. read more

Shortage of skilled workers in Western Sydney  

12-Oct-2015 -  Key findings in a report titled The Greater Western Sydney Skills Barometer has found that the Western Sydney region will require a concerted response to skills shortage in key areas of employment such as b.. read more

Labour proposes 'Start Up Year' visa scheme to attract student graduate entrepreneurs 

07-Oct-2015 -  The federal Labour opposition has proposed a visa program to offer 2,000 international students a visa to stay in Australia for a further year after they have graduated from university if they have a credib.. read more

Media reaction to cap and cease of skilled migration visas 

06-Oct-2015 -  The decision to cap ( the allocation of skilled migration visas across 2015-2016 for the now defunct 175, 176 and 485 visas has.. read more

Payment for visas - penalties soon to apply  

28-Sep-2015 -  Legislation to impose heavy fines on employers, third parties and visa applicants/holders was introduced to Federal Parliament on September 16th 2015, however it may result in unfair consequences for visa h.. read more

Cap and Cease for Skilled Migration Visas 

25-Sep-2015 -  Capping is a restriction on the number of grants for a particular visa in a calendar year. DIBP have announced the following visas for the 2015-2016 have been capped with the numbers for each visa underline.. read more

Danger of supplying misleading information 

22-Sep-2015 -  Public Interest Criterion (PIC) exist so that DIBP can assess if a visa applicant or holder has done something that is not in the 'public interest'. There are many PIC and apply to matters such as wheth.. read more

New Forms for MRT and RRT 

22-Sep-2015 -  Persons seeking to lodge appeals with the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) (/Our-Immigration-Services/appeals-at-the-aat) are to now use newly revised forms if the applic.. read more

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton stays 

21-Sep-2015 -  Mr Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection has retained his position within the newly formed ministry under Australia's newly appointed Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull. Ms Michae.. read more